About SocioApps:

SocioApps is a London based software technology company that designs, develops and supports web and mobile applications with a social bent. By leveraging the SocialMediaToolkit suite of applications, our clients can publish, integrate and develop Social Media Solutions with their existing services.

SocioApps was founded with the aim of making Social Media simple, easy and relevant. Our flagship product is our cloud based platform SocialMediaToolkit.

Iphone Apps:

BBC Iplayer Survey App.

A survey application for the BBC's mobile Iplayer. For Iphone and many other mobile devices.

Facebook Apps:

Dave Television.

A facebook application and a viral viewwer acquisition tool for a popular television show.

Social Networking:


A quiz application for

High Scalability:

NHS Facebook Application.

Media aggregation with Social network integration.


The SocialMediaToolkit was developed to enable and simplify the use of social media.

With it, you can:

  • Integrate your exisiting business systems with Networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Bring new capabilities to your existing products.
  • Leverage and expand your network to meet objectives.

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